Carnevals Ouvertüre/Hölderlin Gesänge/Schott.Phant
Walter Braunfels
Buntrock / Edelmann / Bühl / Dt.Staatsphilharmonie


Releasedate: 15.11.2017

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Carnevals Ouvertüre/Hölderlin Gesänge/Schott.Phant

The music of Walter Braunfels fell out of favour twice: first, when the Nazis declared his music "degenerate art"; then again when post-war Germany had little use for the various schools of tonal music and considered any form of romantic music - almost the whole pre-war aesthetic - to be tainted. Post-war European music faced a fundamental shift in direction. This is Vol. 5 of Capriccio's Braunfels Edition, devoted to reviving the rich legacy and showcasing the colourful range of Braunfels' music. The programme includes his Carnival Overture (an early success dating from 1908), the Scottish Fantasy (a viola concerto which still remains little known) and the highly structured Prelude and Fugue for large orchestra.
CD Track Titel Dauer Komponist PLAY
1 1 Carnevals-Ouvertüre op. 22 8:45    
2     Nr. 1 An die Parzen 3:15    
3     Nr. 2 Der Tod fürs Vaterland 10:00    
4 Schottische Fantasie op. 47 (für Viola und Orc… 29:39    
5     Präludium 8:21    
6     Fuge 7:26    


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