La Nuit étoilée
Holmes / Berlioz
Stéphanie d' Oustrac / Orchestre Pasdeloup / Dörner


Releasedate: 01.10.2021

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La Nuit étoilée

Celebrating the 160th anniversary of its founding, the Parisian Orchestre Pasdeloup dedicates its new album to two composers who were greatly appreciated by the orchestra's founder Jules Pasdeloup: Hector Berlioz with his orchestral song cycle "Les Nuits d'été" and the cantata "Cléopâtre", and Augusta Holmès (1847-1903), one of only a few female composers who were regularly performed during their lifetime, with her Symphonic Interlude "La Nuit et l'Amour". The popular French mezzo soprano Stephanie d'Oustrac is collaborating with conductor Wolfgang Doerner, who has been a partner of Orchestre Pasdeloup for more than 30 years.
CD Track Titel Dauer Komponist PLAY
1   Hector Berlioz: Les Nuits d'été        
1     I Villanelle 2:13   0.99€
2 II Le Spectre de la rose 6:25   1.59€
3 III Sur les lagunes 6:05   1.59€
4 IV Absence 4:34   0.99€
5 V Au cimetiere 5:38   1.59€
6 VI L'Ile inconnue 3:45   0.99€
  Augusta Holmès: Ludus pro patria        
7     La Nuit et l'Amour 8:02   1.59€
8 Hector Berlioz: Cleopatre 20:09   9.99€


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