Sinfonie Nr.7
Gustav Mahler
Riccardo Chailly / Gewandhausorchester Leipzig

Accentus Music, 1 DVD

Releasedate: 30.09.2015

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Sinfonie Nr.7

«It is my best work, with a primarily cheerful character». This was Gustav Mahler's assessment of his Symphony No. 7, which was also highly regarded by Arnold Schoenberg, who said, «I had an impression of absolute peace based on artistic harmony. Something able to set me in motion without recklessly unsettling my center of gravity.» Riccardo Chailly, in his internationally acclaimed interpretations of Mahler's symphonies - which he and the Gewandhaus Orchestra are bringing together in a complete cycle - focuses on the musical qualities of the works, eschewing false pathos and sentimentality while giving up none of the music's dramatic intensity. «Mahler's Seventh Symphony, in which the composer pulled out all expressive stops and revealed himself to be an innovative modernist, has seldom been as persuasive and direct as in Chailly's interpretation», said the Frankfurter Neue Presse.
CD Track Titel Dauer Komponist PLAY
1 1 Vorspann 1:12      
2     1. Langsam (Adagio) - Allegro ri… 22:11      
3     2. Nachtmusik. Allegro moderato 15:03      
4     3. Scherzo: Schattenhaft 9:21      
5     4. Nachtmusik: Andante amoroso 11:46      
6     5. Rondo - Finale: Allegro ordin… 22:22      
7 Abspann 1:40      


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