Figaro Ouvertüre/Sinfonie 41,Jupiter/101,die Uhr
Mozart / Haydn
Klangkollektiv Wien / Ballot


Releasedate: 01.06.2021

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Figaro Ouvertüre/Sinfonie 41,Jupiter/101,die Uhr

The musicians of the multinational ensemble Klangkollektiv Wien, comprised of members of renowned Viennese orchestras, feel the need to interpret works from their everyday professional lives in another manner, outside of the music industry, in their own right and for the audience. The co-founder, violinist and conductor Rémy Ballot, born in Paris and living in Vienna, a student of Celibidache, has for years now had great success as musical director of the symphony cycle at the Brucknertage festival in St. Florian. On this album Klangkollektiv Wien presents a concert recording of Mozart's Figaro-Overture, his equally popular "Jupiter Symphony" and Haydns Symphony No. 101 "The Clock", which he wrote for his London journey. Connecting element of the program is Joseph Haydn's famous saying to Leopold Mozart: "I tell you before God, and as an honest man, your son is the greatest composer known to me in person and by name; he has taste, and, what is more, the most profound skill in composition."

CD Track Titel Dauer Komponist PLAY
1 1 Mozart: Figaro Overture 4:24   0.99€
  Haydn: Symphonie Nr. 101 D-Dur ,,…        
2     I Adagio - Presto 7:36   1.59€
3 II Andante 7:29   1.59€
4 III Menuetto. Allegretto - Trio 7:56   1.59€
5 IV Finale. Vivace 4:47   0.99€
  Mozart: Symphonie Nr. 41 C-Dur ,,…        
6     I Allegro vivace 7:55   1.59€
7 II Andante cantabile 9:57   1.59€
8 III Menuetto: Allegretto - Trio 4:44   0.99€
9 IV Molto allegro 6:13   1.59€


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