Die Unvollendete/45 rp
Franz Schubert
Remy Ballot / Klangkollektiv Wien


Releasedate: 15.04.2022

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Die Unvollendete/45 rp

When in March 2018 the first bars of Schubert’s Unfinished reached the recording equipment, this was not the everyday life of musicians who fulfilled their daily tasks, but the birth of a new body of sound: the KlangKollektiv Wien. Under the baton of Rémy Ballot, musicians from Vienna's leading orchestras gathered to celebrate the music of Viennese Classicism and collectively rediscover it. In order to take into account the unique sound culture of this young ensemble, the producers of this recording at Gramola insisted on using even the highest quality analog recording device. In each bar of the Unfinished, the consonant love of music is felt, with which the KlangKollektiv Vienna embarks on its self-imposed mission.

In addition to the sensation that the interpretation of Schubert's Unfinished by the then newly founded KLANGKOLLEKTIV WIEN under Maestro Rémy Ballot had to offer on an artistic level, the event of this concert can now also be understood as a technical masterpiece: Recorded on tape using Studer A80 machines, this recording is now published as a pure analog recording on LP. The transfer was carried out directly from the half-inch tape to the matrice by means of a skillful manual control of the lead screw in order to achieve optimal space utilization. The fact that this vinyl edition is set at 45rpm serves as a special audiophile treat of this production, as an even better signal-to-noise ratio and improved frequency transmission are achieved.


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