Streichquartett 2/2/Lerchenquartett
Korngold / Pavel Haas / Joseph Haydn
Bulbitzki / Adamas Quartett


Releasedate: 10.10.2013

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Streichquartett 2/2/Lerchenquartett

The Jeunesse MehrWERT Prize of the Erste Bank was awarded for the first time to the Adamas Quartet in 2013. A major concern of the four young musicians is the treatment of outlawed music, works termed as degenerate and banned during the Nazi regime. Against this backdrop, String Quartet No. 2 op. 7 'From the Monkey Mountains' by the Czech composer Pavel Haas and String Quartet No. 2 op. 26 by Erich Wolfgang Korngold were selected for this debut CD. The already widely acclaimed ensemble opens with the Quartet op. 64/5 by Joseph Haydn, the 'Lark's Quartet'.

Adamas Quartet
The aspiring quartet from Vienna, consisting of Claudia Schwarzl, violin, Roland Herret, violin, Anna Dekan, viola, and Jakob Gisler, cello, is currently attending a master's course in string chamber music with Johannes Meissl at the University of Music and the Performing Arts in Vienna. The musicians have also received further stimulus for their musical activity in master classes held by members of the Juilliard String Quartet, Hatto Beyerle and Miguel da Silva as well as members of the Artis Quartet.
In 2009, the Adamas Quartet was a prize winner at the Josef Wíndisch Competition and the same year it was awarded the 1st Prize and the Special Prize for the best Schubert interpretation at the international Schubert Competition in Ruse. There then followed the Polish Music Prize (with the 2nd String Quartet by Krzysztof Penderecki) at the International Summer Academy. At the beginning of October 2012, the Adamas Quartet was awarded the 1st Prize and the 'Helsinki' Special Prize at the Competition for 'Outlawed Music' in Schwerin. The Adamas Quartet held its successful debut in the Vienna Musikverein in April 2010.
With live performances on Austrian Radio within the framework of commemoration days against violence and racism, the quartet has managed to familiarize a broader audience with some works that were once branded as 'degenerate'.
CD Track Titel Dauer Komponist PLAY
1   Streichquartett Nr.2 op.7 "Von de…        
1     (I) Landscape-Andan… 11:00   2.39€
2 (II) Coach,Coachman and Horse-And… 5:00   1.59€
3 (III) The Moon and I-Largo e mist… 9:18   1.59€
4 (IV) Wild Night-Vivace e con fuoc… 8:45   1.59€
  Streichquartett Nr.2 Es-Dur op.26        
5     (I) Allegro 6:19   1.59€
6 (II) Intermezzo. Allegro con moto 3:44   0.99€
7 (III) Larghetto. Lento 8:39   1.59€
8 (IV) Waltz (Finale). Tempo di Val… 5:27   1.59€
  Streichquartett D-Dur,op.64 Nr.5…        
9     (I) Allegro moderat… 5:46   1.59€
10 (II) Adagio cantabile 6:55   1.59€
11 (III) Menuetto. Allegretto 3:05   0.99€
12 (IV) Finale. Vivace 2:16   0.99€


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