Violinkonzerte Nr.3/4/5
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Spirit / Sieghart / Thomas A. Irnberger


Releasedate: 24.12.2009

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Violinkonzerte Nr.3/4/5

Thomas Albertus Irnberger, Spirit of Europe, Martin Sieghart
Mozart's three great violin concertos were composed in the months of September to December 1775. At this time he was concertmaster at the archbishop's court in Salzburg, which allows the assumption to be made that he wrote the concertos for his own use. However, it cannot be excluded that the violin concertos were a sign of the composer's reverence for his father. On this SACD, the young Salzburg violinist Thomas Albertus Irnberger also presents the cadenzas by Paul Badura-Skoda. As in the case of the CD of Schumann's violin concertos (Gramola 98834), the orchestra 'Spirit of Europe' performs under the baton of Martin Sieghart.
CD Track Titel Dauer Komponist PLAY
1   Konzert für Violine und Orchester Nr.3 in G-Du…        
1     (I) Allegro 8:56   1.59€
2 (II) Adagio 7:39   1.59€
3 (III) Rondeau. Allegro 6:45   1.59€
  Konzert für Violine und Orchester Nr.4 in D-D…        
4     (I) Allegro 8:40   1.59€
5 (II) Andante cantabile 6:42   1.59€
6 (III) Rondeau. Andante grazioso-Allegro ma non… 7:50   1.59€
  Konzert für Violine und Orchester Nr.5 in A-Du…        
7     (I) Allegro aperto 9:25   1.59€
8 (II) Adagio 9:41   1.59€
9 (III) Rondeau. Tempo di Menuetto 9:16   1.59€


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