Mahalia Jackson/Silent Night,Holy Night
Mahalia Jackson

Membran, 1 CD

Releasedate: 01.10.2016

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Mahalia Jackson/Silent Night,Holy Night

Each of the four international stars produced songs in his or her own individual style. Ever since Bing Crosby's Christmas hit White Christmas (1942), almost all the other stars and starlets produced songs specially recorded for Christmas. The recordings on these CDs were made at a time when Christmas had not been reduced to being just another marketing period; listeners can sense the contemplative and religious mood of these recordings. Silent Night by Mahalia Jackson is an absolute highlight - and even today, a pleasant shiver still runs down the spine while listening to this recording. Harry Belafonte, Pat Boone and - of course - the relaxed Dean Martin are also a joy to our ears with the appealing sounds that are still very much an integral part of the festive season.


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